Haskins Hagstroms Testimonials

Great Service

John Loveless was very easy to work with. He answered all my questions and provided extra pictures. When the guitars arrived they were exactly as described and well packed for shipping. I look forward to more transactions with John. Thank you very much for great service.  Tom Partridge

excellent gear and the conversation (mail) with John was 100% good and relevant.

I have to tell you all this:
I got the red beauty 1964 Futurama (HIII), with the original Hagstrom tiger stripe case, a while ago, from Haskins.
I´m so pleased with the super excellent gear and the conversation (mail) with John was 100% good and relevant.

The bass was very well packed and in a very good condition

I bought a bass and was a little concerned over how I could get it to Sweden. But everything was perfect, even though I had to pay the toll. The bass was very well packed and in very good condition.


I couldn’t be happier!

Received my Hagstrom Bass yesterday and she is a beauty. Well packed, clean, new strings. Works perfectly. I couldn’t be happier!

The process from start to finish was great

I was so happy to receive my bass from John and Haskins Hagstroms. The process from start to finish was great. John sent me tons of pictures from every angle and made sure my questions were answered. The price was very fair and far less than music stores that are selling similar vintage Hagstroms online. John truly knows what the market is and how these guitars should be priced.

The bass was packaged very securely; the strings were loosened, there was ample paper and bubble wrap around the case and the box was sturdy and taped well. It even came with a nice set of flatwound strings installed. The bass was more beautiful in person than in the photos and I love the way it sounds. And it matches my old Hagstrom guitar!  I am tempted to buy another and if I did, I would come to Haskins first.

Great and informed service

Haskins Hagstoms provided me with (otherwise impossible to find) original parts for my 1964 Hagstrom Futurama Coronado Bass VI. John was kind enough to keep an email request from me and contacted me when the right parts were located. Price, packing, and delivery to the UK was all perfect. John was very helpful and knowledgeable. I am sure there will be many more Hagström owners that can benefit from such great and informed service.

A truly nice guy

I was very sorry to learn of the passing of John in 2019. I just found this sad news. My name is Mike Stock. John H. and I corresponded many times over the years and he truly was a font of incredible knowledge where all things Hagstrom was concerned! he always comported himself with class and kindness in our exchanges and helped me out many times with parts and advice. I was honored to have one of my basses featured on his website. I still have a Hagstrom logo pick which he sent me as a gift! A truly nice guy and his dedication and love for the marque remains an inspiration to all of us Hag Heads. Best Regards, Mike Stock