1974 Swede Bass – Black – #53 914095


Although it is nice looking, this bass is player grade. It had a broken headstock above the nut. It was securely repaired: the repair is solid, but not beautiful. The bass has a nice neck, plays easily, and the flat wound strings produce a really good tone through the Hagström humbucking pickups. Though it looks and sounds good, the tone control pots and switch are not working. The pickup selector and volume controls are fine. The finish on the metalwork is good, and the body looks nice even though there are a number of dings and mars, which I have tried to show in the photos. Also, difficult to see, is that parts of the neck pickup trim ring are missing. This bass is one you can play hard and not worry about. It comes in an older hard case to protect it. If you need additional information or photos, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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