1973 – BJ 12 Deluxe: serial number #135470.


John Haskin wrote of this guitar: Hagstrom 12 string EX in what [one] would call vintage sunburst, colors slightly muted. Does this ever put out the sound!! It is one of the loudest 12 strings I have ever heard and is much more mellow than most. You could make it very jangly with different strings, but this is an amazing instrument. A very few very small dings at the top of the headstock. Adjustable neck. Electric pickup added, not the original factory. $650.

John L’s observations. This guitar is a 1973 – BJ 12 Deluxe: serial number #135470, sunburst finish with an aftermarket Fishman soundhole pickup. I don’t know if JAH was referring to condition or model when he wrote EX, but this instrument, like all of them is a combination of pros and cons. It has been well-loved and well played as indicated by the fret wear in the first position [I was pleasantly surprised that when I played it there was no buzzing or ‘fretting out’ that would betray the fret wear]. Surprising to me also is that for an instrument that had this much play the body and neck are in very good shape. There are a number of minor nicks, dings, and scratches on the body, though none that in my mind interfere with the instrument’s beauty. There are few mars on the neck near the body, but none in the first and second positions. As John mentioned, there are a couple on the back of the headstock. I have tried to make sure the flaws were illustrated in the photos. In addition to the standard Hagstrom “H” Expander stretcher in the neck and the adjustable bridge, the [4 bolt] bolt-on neck allows for any additional refinements in the setup to obtain your preferred ‘action’. I have a new set of Martin light gauge strings installed.

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