1972 Hagstrom H II –Birch Red Burst – #822079


This is the coolest H II that I have ever seen! This is from the last production batch of the single-coil H IIs. It has several features I had not seen before on this series. First, the red burst finish on the birch is beautiful and I had only previously seen it on H II Ns. This guitar also has a bound ebony fingerboard! And finally, the bolt-on neck is attached with a “four screw plate”. Maybe these details are more common than I think, but to me, they come together to make a unique and striking instrument. The guitar is in excellent condition; the ‘marks’ on it don’t break the finish and are hard to find or photograph. The fingerboard and frets show little wear, and the neck is in great shape. The most serious flaws are the chipped paint on the top of the headstock and a small mark on the back. It comes with the gold plush-lined Hagstrom chipboard case. If you are serious about this guitar, more photos and information can be provided.

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