196X Coronado IV BiSonic – Brown Burst – No Serial Number


Hagstrom made less than 1000 Coronado IV basses from 1963 to 1970 the first of which had their, now legendary, “BiSonic” pickups. These pickups make this instrument a standout, however, it has more anomalies than one would like. There is no serial number on the neck plate for reasons unknown. The neck/headstock likely had a problem at one time. It is rough near the headstock and was stripped of finish and recoated with some overspray visible on the ‘Kings Neck’ sticker. As John Haskin refinished many guitar necks over the years I am sure this was on his ‘to do’ list before he passed. The neck is strong and easily playable with this being primarily a cosmetic problem. The top of the body is very good. But as you will see in the photos there is some marring on the back and a couple of deep scrapes. The pickups and switches all work but could use a cleaning It comes with a newer rectangular hard case. If you are serious about this guitar, more photos and information can be provided.

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