1969 H II N – Sunburst – #768071


This is a rare “transition” H II N. It is one of only 250 H II Ns made from late 1969 to early 1970. It was made early enough in that first run (#71) for me to call it a ’69. The transition guitars retain the ‘Fender’ style headstock but have the humbucking pickups and dual volume and tone controls of the new model. Beyond that, I think this is a very cool guitar! It appears to have been gigged (obligatory cigarette burn on the headstock) or played a lot as the frets are quite worn; even with this wear I don’t find any ‘buzzing’ or ‘fretting out’ when I play it. There are some dings and some buckle rash, but the beautiful finish remains remarkably clear for such an experienced guitar.  I would say that this instrument is in very good condition.  If you were planning to gig with it regularly you probably would consider a re-fret at some point. Another cool feature is that the owner engraved their name in it for identification. See the photos. It appears as if that owner was female which I think is also interesting. It is not ‘one of a kind’, but one of 250 which makes it an interesting addition to any collector of H II Ns. It comes with a case. If you are serious about this guitar, more photos and information can be provided.

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