1968-69 Hagström III – Blue – #726597


This Beautiful Hagström III was restored by John Haskin. Both the body and the neck were refinished and are in fine condition. A few years ago John had a number of vintage parts replated and all the metalwork on the body of this guitar is new old stock or replated. The scratch plate, however, has some wear and marks that were hard to show in the photos. The body has picked up a few tiny ‘dings’ since its refinish and I identified those in the photos as well as where the laminate joints on the body show in a couple of places. I point this out because the guitar is virtually perfect otherwise. The neck is slim and smooth as to be expected, and I find the satin gloss finish on the neck comfortable and inviting to play. The guitar has a strong clear voice and offers all the tonal variations afforded by the variety of pickup and control configurations. Of course, the controls all work properly. This instrument has a great 60’s vibe, and though it hasn’t been locked in a closet for 55 years, it has been lovingly restored to beautiful condition. The guitar fits snugly in its “vintage correct” case, which only shows wear on the outside. I have tried to represent this instrument and case as accurately as possible, but don’t hesitate to contact us if you need additional information or photos.