1967 Viking De Luxe – Golden Sunburst – #718189


John was partial to hollow body guitars and in particular the Golden Sunburst Viking De Luxe.  In his notes he indicated that this is one guitar he was reluctant to part with.  It is as near mint as a 54 year old guitar can be.  The fiddleback maple top and back are brilliant under the masterfully applied finish. The only ‘flaws’ I could find were a few fine expansion cracks in the finish and the binding.  There is one light ‘ding’ on the headstock and two screw holes near the tailpiece suggesting that it once had a ‘Hagsby’ instead of the fixed tailpiece (which is without the crossbar).  I am not sure whether we still have gold ‘Hagsby’ tailpieces, but if we do, one could be installed for an additional charge.  This guitar comes in a hard case (branded Guild).  If you need additional information or photos, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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