1967 – Viking 12-string – brown sunburst – #704577


When John Haskin passed, this was the guitar on his bench. It looked to me like an early prototype Viking with 3+3 tuning, but I never knew quite what he was doing with it, so I set it aside. When I got around to working on it, I was surprised to find that it was originally a rare 12-string Viking. Yet it had a very appropriate, although unusual, 6-string neck. Amongst the Haskin’s Hagstroms parts collection I found a matching 12-string neck apparently without a body, so I guess they were to go together. So, here you have it! A two Viking solution: one body – two necks!

The guitar looks very nice. The 6-string neck is obviously from Hagstrom as it matches the brown sunburst color scheme, however its origin remains a mystery. I have fitted the guitar with a newer tailpiece and pickguard. Due to its age, it has some finish cracks that are visible when viewed from the correct angle. There are also some paint chips; one on the lower bout and some near the neck pocket. All are shown in the photos. The guitar plays well, and all the controls work but the effect of the tone controls is very subtle.

Because I found it as a 6-string it is set up that way, however a 12-string neck is included, and the saddles are cut for a 12-string setup as well. It comes in a brand new Gator (TM)  case that fits perfectly to protect the instrument. The case is large enough to accommodate the guitar as a 12-string if you set it up that way.

If you don’t want the case or 12-string neck, contact me for alternate pricing.

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