1965-66 Hagström H III – Sunburst – #656748


This beautiful H III is in very good condition. John Haskin had refinished the neck and the body is a beautiful three-color sunburst. There are some dings and scratches on the instrument, most noticeable on the edges. This is not a “closet” instrument, but one that was cared for, yet played, as you can see the wear on the pickup rings, particularly at the neck pickup. There are the requisite cracks around the neck pocket, the largest of which is in the finish as it doesn’t follow the grain. The ones on the sides are common and usually due to the wood’s ability to stretch more than the polyester finish. Regardless, the pocket is snug, and the neck is firmly anchored. All the electronics work properly, and the guitar plays well. . I have tried to show both its assets and liabilities in the photos, but more information or photos are available on request. Offered without a case; contact us directly for optional case solutions.

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