1967 Hagström H III – Sunburst – #709305


This three-color sunburst H III is in very good condition.  The body is attractive although there are many difficult to photograph, small “experience marks”, and some repaired blemishes.  These “experience marks” are most noticeable on the edge of the lower bout.  There is a significant “ding” on the back that was filled and polished flush with the surface. The neck had a hairline crack at the seam;  Not enough to show any separation, but when John refinished the neck, it would have been super-glued and leveled so that now the only evidence is a thin darker line. This is not a “closet” instrument, but one that was played.  However, this guitar sports some new hardware and improvements. Most significantly the trem bar, trem bolt, saddles, and two of the pickup rings are “new old stock”.  The scratch plate, metalwork, and body are smooth and polished; not perfect but excellent all around.  Of course, all the electronics work properly, and the guitar plays well with a good strong voice from all the pickups.  I have tried to show both its assets and liabilities in the photos, but more information or photos are available on request.  It is priced without a case.  Contact us for available case solutions.