1967 Hagström H-12 – Sunburst – #962601


This beautiful twelve string is in very good to excellent condition.  The beautiful wood grain is apparent in the sunburst finish and the brightwork shines.  It has a smooth neck with nice action and plays with a clear strong voice.  All the switches operate properly as well.   It is not mint however, with several small dings in the body that are visible in the photos.  In addition, there is a small spot of finish missing on the neck.  I never saw or felt it when I played the guitar but noticed it during final inspection; it is so faint I circled it on the photo.  All the parts are vintage except the neck bolt.  The original bolt had been partially stripped so I re-tapped the threads and used a modern bolt to ensure the neck was stable: unfortunately, our local hardware didn’t have an ‘oval head’.  It comes packed securely in a new (GATOR brand) “polyfoam hard case”, though we can sell it without a case if you wish.

$800 guitar only

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