1966-67 Hagström I – White – #669368


Hagström continued making vinyl back guitars throughout the 1960’s. This is a very nice example from a production run in 66-67. The brilliant white top is exceptionally solid with just one small crack. The gold decorative grid goes beautifully with the natural neck. The vinyl is secure although it has shrunk in several areas around the edge and has quite a few “experience marks”. I have tried to show all these areas in the photos. The electronics all work properly and this later model with the square pickups has a particularly strong voice and can produce a wide range of tones with just those 4 simple switches. The neck on this instrument was refinished by John Haskin. There was a short split in the wood on the headstock that was securely repaired by John prior to refinishing. Notice also that the crack was in an area with no stress as it does not go through the tuner hole. The guitar is offered without a case. Contact us directly for available case solutions. More information or photos are available on request.