1965 Hagström De Luxe Bass – Red — #633064


This beautiful red Hagström De Luxe Bass is in good condition and captures the Hagström bass models in transition from the all-plastic top H-I’s to the wooden bodies of the H-II’s.  The body style has the rounded horns of the earlier guitars but the beveled body of the later instruments.  John Haskin refinished the neck on this guitar and would surely have refinished  the body if he had not run out of time.  The body has many areas where touch up was done, but not in the correct color.  These areas are clearly shown in the photos and are the only issues with this very nice instrument.  It plays well and sounds great.  All the electronics work properly, although the top frequency cut from the tone switch is  not as aggressive as some I have heard.  It was just re-strung and will ship in a very nice hard case of unknown vintage.  There is a ‘matching’ guitar also for sale that allows for a discount if the pair is purchased together. I have tried to show both its assets and liabilities, but more information or photos are available on request.

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