1965-66 Hagstrom Kent H I B – Lavender – #6401192


This is a player grade instrument. It plays well and sounds great, but it has some flaws and omissions. Most obvious is a significant non-structural crack in the plastic front. It is not in any of the obvious stress points which makes one wonder how it happened. The top is missing the decorative metallic insert. It is unusual that the pocket for the insert is clean with no glue residue; could it have come this way? The tone and mute switches are not working properly, and the mute switch and volume knob are not original. John Haskin bought a lot of instruments that needed help and hoped to be able to restore them. I hate to part this out because the lavender top, though cracked, is attractive, the vinyl is in good shape, and the neck is very nice. So, we offer it here as a player grade instrument and hope that it will find a home and be played again. If you need a bass to mess around with, this may be the one! It comes in a period correct blue felt case. Contact us for additional photos or information if needed.

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