1963 Kent Cromwell – Red – #563182


This is a Hagstrom guitar that you don’t see every day.  According to the book SuperSwede De Luxe, copyright 2020 by Mikael Jansson, p. 47: “Some 200 Kent guitars were also delivered to US guitar maker Guild and sold under the Cromwell brand name.”* This red guitar is one of those 200.  Almost 60 years later this instrument, like most, is a mix of strengths and weaknesses.  It looks great, but close examination of the body reveals many areas where the paint was touched up.  John Haskin was probably planning to do a total repaint on it because it is a very nice guitar.  The neck is wonderful, the fingerboard shows little wear and the headstock looks good as well.  It has a new set of strings but would benefit from a more thorough setup.  It comes with a period-correct chipboard case.  If you are serious about this guitar, more photos and information can be provided.

*used with author’s permission.

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