1963-1967 Corvette/Condor Project Guitar – No serial number


Here’s an opportunity to create your own vintage guitar. If I am remembering correctly, when John bought this guitar, it was painted “lime green with orange splatters”.  He wanted to return it to stock and sanded the body with the hope of having it professionally re-painted.  As you can see, he never got that far, so this is your chance to finish it to your specifications.

I have carefully collected and packed all the parts down to the last screw.  Most every part is original from Hagstrom except the accessory knob, jack, and jack plate. A Hagstrom badge for the body is included but there is no “Corvette/Condor” decal for the headstock.  The switches appear in very good condition but are not testable in its current state.  (At one time NOS switches were available) You can see that the neck was so thin that a bit of the truss rail was exposed when it was sanded, this appears to have been glued and, of course, it is still straight and strong.  There is an original plush case, but as you can see from the photos it is also in need of restoration.

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