1962 Futurama II Deluxe (Kent PB-24-G) = Red = #537310


This early Futurama guitar is, according to “The Blue Book”, from a production run of PB-24-G instruments. The book shows that the first Futurama guitars were in the later production run #545 starting in 1963. That makes this instrument a very early Futurama as indicated by the ‘pinned’ string holder on the Tremar.  [The Futurama name was given to the ‘Kent’ guitars distributed by Selmer in the UK.] The neck and back are virtually flawless, and though at first glance the guitar looks good, closer inspection reveals the plastic top has a number of cracks; they seem to have been repaired as the top is solid. As is common with these instruments the vinyl is wrinkled and stretched where it meets the top, but it has actually pulled away in only one small spot. You will also notice that the pickups don’t appear to be original. This mix of virtues and vices places this guitar in good plus condition: cared for, but experienced. Beyond this mix of vices and virtues, the guitar plays well and sounds good. As a bonus it comes in a good, but also experienced, case and includes one of the original matching budget straps that was often included when the guitars were originally purchased. If you need additional information or photos, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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