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A series of “How to” based on common questions that we get and horror stories of what happened to some great vintage instruments.

Body touch ups or…

One repair trick I learned by reading Dan Erlewine’s Guitar Players Repair Guide is repairing all kinds of things on guitars with super glue.  (Erlewine is also employed as a technical advisor to Stewart-McDonald’s Guitar Supply, and a long time columnist for Guitar Player Magazine.)  He goes into detail in the above sources about super glue technique so I won’t try to retread that here.  Suffice it to say that the thin, “hot” super glue will flow into fine cracks through capillary action where thicker will not.  Once in the crack, it dries clear and hard.  It will fill dents and can be sanded and polished like other finish materials.  Stew-Mac sells super glue, but I found everything I needed and more, in a local ho