Haskin’s Hagstroms

This site was established by long time Hagstrom guitar and bass enthusiast John A. Haskin to communicate and connect with the vintage Hagstrom community.  John wished to share his experience and knowledge about the instruments, their restoration, and be able to provide instruments and parts to novices, collectors, and enthusiasts.

John passed away in November of 2019.  He was my best and longest friend.  Though John was a few years my senior our shared memories reach back to church school in the late 1950’s, Boy Scouting in the 60’s, and a lasting friendship in music, philosophy, and sailing from the early 70’s on.  We have played and sang together for countless thousands of hours since that time.

In the 60’s when John was playing in a ‘garage band’ he first encountered Hagstrom in the form of an H I bass, though it wasn’t until later in the 20th century that he became an active collector and restorer of Hagstrom instruments.  John hooked me on ‘Hags’ and I learned much from him over the years.  I helped John with the repair and restoration of his instruments particularly the electronics.

John was known as a person of integrity, commitment,and passion in all aspects of his life.  With the guitars this was expressed through both his personal collection of instruments and his desire to preserve well-used Hagstroms as instruments rather than ‘part them out’ even though they were sometime more valuable as parts.  He would buy them on eBay in virtually any condition, fix them up, and find new homes for them.  Last week when inventorying his workshop, I counted 49 necks in varying states of re-finish!

Through mutual agreement and legally established in his will, I am charged with continuing the task of finding new homes for these instruments.  I did not expect this task to fall to me so soon.  I have no personal stake in this; it is simply what you do for a friend and their family at this time of loss.  I will continue in John’s spirit of integrity.  You may contact me through this web site.

John Loveless

January 1, 2020

New Arrivals

A pair of Beautiful Golden Vikings from 1967
John always liked to collect pairs.  Guitars from the same year or run, guitars of the same color, or guitars that he thought said something worthwhile together.  Hence this pair ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
The Last Jimmy Oval Hole Archtop -1979
#53-057100was the last guitar Hagstrom crafted in the third run of oval hole “Jimmys”.  These instruments are the same materials and dimensions as the better known ‘F’ hole “D’Aquistos” except ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
The First Jimmy Oval Hole Archtop – 1977
#53-987001 was the first guitar Hagstrom crafted in the first of the 3 runs of oval hole “Jimmys”.  These instruments are the same materials and dimensions as the better known ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
Fretless Jazz Bass – 1977
#53-988053 A rare and beautiful Fretless Jazz Bass, or Jazzbass, as Hagstrom called them.  Burgundy or ‘wine’ color over Mahogany.  No one’s collection is complete without one.  Excellent Condition with ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
1979 VIKING IN – #53-055218
This white Viking is #218 of 245 Vikings made in Hagstrom’s last Viking run in 1979. It is absolutely beautiful in excellent condition with an original Hagstrom hard shell case. ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
1964 FUTURAMA III – 601548
This Red Futurama is #548 out of this 1964 run of 1025 Futuramas. It is very similar to the famous David Bowie Ziggy Stardust Futurama however; this one boasts a ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
1979/80 Swede – #53-054448
This white Swede is #448 out of a large batch of Swedes made in late 1979 and early 1980. It is absolutely beautiful and in excellent condition with an original ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
1968 Viking 1 – Ribbon Mahogany or is it Bubinga?
A beautiful transition model 60’s Viking in near mint condition – very rare. $1600. Or best offer.  Additional photos and details available upon request.
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
Rare Jimmy D’Aquisto Handmade Hagstrom Prototype
This instrument was handmade by Jimmy D’Aquisto in Alvaden, Sweden in the late 1960’s while instructing the Hagstom employees on how to make the archtop guitar they wanted to add ...
Accepting All Reasonable Offers
1979 Swede – Mahogany Sunburst
A beautiful instrument with some minor blemishes attesting to its experience. $1400 or best offer.  Additional photos and details available upon request.
Accepting All Reasonable Offers

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